Monday, November 9, 2009

Antiwar Cartoon Salon Kragujevac

Each year, November is in Europe the month to commemorate war. Time to present the catalogue of the "International salon of antiwar cartoon", Kragujevac, Serbia 2007. The Salon as presented in the catalogue:

Jewel of culture and peace (by PhD Spiro Radulovic, doctor, microbiologist and cartoonist)

Founded to keep the light upon the most brutal atrocities of the fascists during World War II in Kragujevac (Serbia), the Salon for 26 years now keeps sending the same message to the world - eleminate war. That message beyond message is neglected by generations of militants. War keeps on breaking out despite the strong disapproval of peace oriented world. Militants never give up and the Salon as antiwar conscience of the world goes it message all the way. Works that convey this message make the Salon a most prestigious festival amongst other world famous festivals.

An army of several thousands of cartoonists from all over the world marched through the Salon of Kargujevac. Rare are the countries that sent no cartoons to the Salon and rare are the cartoonists that did not participate in the competition in Kragujevac. Some are honoured by the awards of the Salon that are the orders of highest ranks. ...
The Salon of Antiwar Cartoons is not solely a jewel of Kragujevac, it is a Serbian and international jewel of peace and culture. We are to keep on the mission of the Salon of antiwar cartoons as a memory, as a warning, as hope and fatae in peace and people.

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