Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We present Pol Leurs third cartoon book... and stamp

Pol Leurs (LU) sent me his new third cartoon book that was recently published in Luxemburg. I was surprised by the stamp that was on the post package: a cartoon stamp designed by... Pol Leurs. I think that many cartoonists would like to see one of their cartoons on a stamp. Cartoon stamps are rare and only successful cartoonists get their stamp.

the envelope...

the stamp cartoon

Pol won many cartoon awards and his third book contains about 50 new top quality gag cartoons.
This is the work of a master in gag cartooning.

Pol writes on the back cover "J'espère que ce qui se trouve entre ces deux cartons vous a fait passer, respectivement va vous faire passer des moments agréables", translated: I hope that what you find between this two hard covers, has given you, respectively, will make you have pleasant moments. It did indeed! I enjoyed the book.

Obama as seen by Pol Leurs

I you like to see some other nice work of Pol Leurs or if you want to buy the book, please visit Pols website and contact Pol: www.poleurs.lu

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