Saturday, October 11, 2008

Karicartoons and Antoon Beuckels

Last week I was pleased to meet cartoonist Antoon Beuckels (°Oostende, Belgium, 1951) in the ECC. For the first time I heard the word "caricartoon" for the art of combining caricatures with cartoon. So Toon showed me his new "Karicartoons" book with 100 drawings of famous belgian people, as our king Albert, Walter Van Beirendonck, Clouseau, Reborn, Nathalia, etc...
The people mentioned in the book are very recognizable and that's of course due to the talent of the artist. His past as a photographer is clearly reflected in his style. The popular character of his cartoons makes them very accessible to the general public. To all Belgian (female?) hairdressers and barbers I say: you should have this book too. I'm sure it will be a fun topic for your customers while waiting ...
The book is available in Standaard boekhandel or contact the artist.

Since I saw the art of Karl Meersman, I adore artists who are able to make caricatures in combination with a cartoon or should we say cartoons related to caricature or portraits?
Here are 2 other nice works of Toon:

Antoon Beuckels on YouTube

Thanks to Antoon for his kind permission.

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Visit the website of (An)Toon Beuckels:

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