Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cartoonbooksclub Service - Oct. 2008

This is a service message. With this service, we like to promote cartoonists and their books who write us. You can sent your book(s) to review to:

ECC Cartoonbooks Club
Oude Tramweg 27
B 8560 Moorsele (Belgium)

I got mail from mr. Tetsuro Sumu who is a Japanese cartoonist and acupuncturist. He's a member of the THE JAPAN CARTOONIST ASSOCIATION and member of the JAPAN ACUPUNCTURE & MOXIBUSTION ASSOCIATION.

I didn't receive books, so I have to rely on the information and links in the e-mail mr Tetsuro sent to me. Some links don't seem to work. This is what what mr Tetsuro wrote : 

The book on the acupuncture and moxibustion where I drew the cut-in illustration is published
and it sells very well.
I published the "Japanese acupuncture" series.

My bio:

1960 Born in Japan
1980 One man show of collage
1983 Exhibition of Susumu's own pictures
1986 Start to write own novel
1996 MANGA
1997;'s special recognition; poper
1998 Appears in
1999 Kyodonews Appears
2000 Kyodonews Appears
2001 Kyodonews Appears
2003 Kyodonews Appears
2004 Kyodonews Appears
"Jaka b´d´ ... 2004"
2005 Iwanami book
2006 Iran footnet
2007 International Cartoon Festival-Occupation


International cartoon exhibition selecting of Brazil
The third place international pet cartoon exhibition winning a prize of China
British CARTOONET cartoon announcement

Contact: Tetsuro Susumu []

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