Sunday, March 23, 2008

Charcuterie and Art: Rêves de Cochons - Hog's Dreams by Pierre Ballouhey

I own some cartoon books about cats, some other about dogs, and even one on rabbits. That even pigs or ‘hogs’ can play a leading role and be as funny as cats or dogs in cartoons is proved by Pierre Ballouhey. After seeing the cartoons of ‘Rêves de cochons’ by Pierre Ballouhey (France) , you’ll think twice when eating a piece of sausage or pâté. Here are some ‘slices’ of how Pierre Ballouhey draws his pigs:
"The first circle, another circle, an oval and two points for the groin, two beads for the eyes, the corkscrew, some hatching rapid filth, a bed of mud sticking the animal to the ground. Here it is.It calls me. I give it a name, question it. It's my pig. I need to invent a story, a ‘slice’ of life for it who lives eventually into slices. The pig is an obsession. Post-its near the phone, shopping lists, the corners of drawing boards are full of pigs. The drawings of pigs fill a notebook. Other ideas come, I am surrounded by pigs, but I care, I’ll show them. It's "Hog’s Dream" .
The book costs 16 eur and you can order it here or buy it in the ECC during the exhibition.

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