Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cartoons: The Real Stuff till March 26, 2008

I love cartoons and a good cartoon book is a relatively cheap medium to enjoy cartoons. Of course there's the real stuff: instead of buying books, you can buy an authentic cartoon. Fortunately some people do, otherwise all those magnificent cartoonists wouldn't earn a penny.

Nearly 500 drawings of "le crème de la crème" of french cartoonists will be auctioned on March 26 (Millon & Associés).
Some names: Blachon, Serre, Bosc, Bridenne, Siné, Trez, Gourmelin...
For those who want to buy original artwork, the auction is a great opportunity. You can make an offer online. Don't forget to read the "conditions de vente" (terms of sale)! There will be a charge of at least 25%.
Expected prices varie from 100 euro to more than 3000 euro .

The auction is on

Jean-Marie, thanks for letting us know!

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