Sunday, February 24, 2008

Perpetuum mobile by Vladimir Rencin

Nice to have friends abroad. A collegue (expat) who knows I collect cartoonbooks, sent me from the Czech Rupublic “perpetuum mobile” (2000) by Vladimir Rencin.
The textless black and white cartoons in this enjoyable book all concern science and the relation between mankind and technology. Even God sometimes appears.
Vladimir Rencin (°1941) completed his studies in economics and became a professional artist in 1965. Vladimir became famous drawing for ‘Mlady svet magazine’ and ‘Lidové noviny’.
He published numerous books and callendars and organized more than 100 independent exhibitions. Abroad he helped illustrate Die Zeit, bild der Wissenschaft and GEO (Germany), New Scientist (UK), Time and Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist (USA). Unfortunately there is not so much to find about the artist on the web. His own site is not available in English (what a pitty!).

You can notice some cartoons out of the book on

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[Perpetuum mobile cartoonbook file]

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