Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cartoonbooks in local public libraries 1

Once a month, at least, I visit our public library. It’s always a pleasant experience nosing around discovering new and old books.
It was in the library that I discovered, many years ago, that there existed other cartoonbooks than the Knokke-Heist catalogues, the single cartoonbooks I knew at that moment.
I can state that our library (Wevelgem and Moorsele,Belgium) has a fine book collection. They even have a modest cartoonbook collection. You find them under the categorization code (SISO) 738.8 . Recently a new categorization code is introduced. Now the category is named “About (comic) Strips and Cartoons”.
For the most part the cartoon books are Belgian and they are high-quality. (Knokke-Heist catalogue, Karl Meersman, Pil, O-Sekour, …).
Some foreign books and catalogues would certainly be a valuable extension for the current collection. I am thinking of books of Quino, Mordillo, Serre etc. Perhaps there is a role for us collectors.
Maybe we can deliver valuable suggestions for the development of the public library cartoonbook collections in our town.

What ‘s your opinion?
What cartoonbooks do you find in local public libraries in your country?

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