Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Tie Cartoons...

Having read my sentence "It's the only tie book cartoon I know of ..." in a previous article, Jean-Marie was so kind to mention another cartoon book on this theme. It is a portfolio of about forty boards in 21 x 34 cm format, published by Enoteca Italiana.

Year after year this wine association organized a commercial event entitled "Week of Wines" which also presented an exhibition of cartoons related to wine associated with a theme, each time different (gastronomy, theater, discovery of America, art, cinema, the Middle Ages, love, ecology, music ...) which gave rise to the publication of a beautiful portfolio of these works.

The portfolio on the theme of elegance, created for the 25th edition, is dedicated to ties. It has the peculiarity of presenting on the cover folds giving it the appearance of a jacket under which is a shirt with tie coming out of the collar.

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