Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chaval - L'Animalier and L'Homme

These two pocket editions of cartoons by the great French cartoonistChaval (Yvan Francis Le Louarn, 1915-1968)were published in  1970 by Editions Albin Michel.

Both books need repairing because many pages came loose from the book spine. This is typical for cheap books of that periode as I experienced many times.

About an animalier, Wikipedia tells us:
"An animalier is an artist, mainly from the 19th century, who specializes in, or is known for, skill in the realistic portrayal of animals. "Animal painter" is the more general term for earlier artists. Although the work may be in any genre or format, the term is most often applied to sculptors and painters.

Animalier as a collective plural noun, or animalier bronzes, is also a term in antiques for small-scale sculptures of animals, of which large numbers were produced, often mass-produced, primarily in 19th-century France and to a lesser extent elsewhere in continental Europe."

For us, as for Chaval,  L'animalier is a collection of cartoons based on interaction between humans and animals.

L'Homme means "the man". It is also a  French anthropological journal established in 1961.


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