Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Desert Island Cartoon Books

I've been fascinated by desert island cartoons for a long while. If you want to see a fine selection of those kind of cartoons you can check my Facebook page Desert Island Cartoons. It's a selection of cartoons I find now and then in cartoon books or at exhibitions.

For the moment I have 2 desert island cartoon books in collection. Inselcartoons (1971-1996) is the first one. The cartoons in the book are collected by Farhad Vladi, a real estate broker in, yes, desert island cartoons.

The second book is Inselcartoons by Mordillo (Lappan, 2012).

There is another book I am longing for... if I can buy I at a cheap price: South Sea Cartoons - Desert island guys, gals and gags (Harold Meyers, 1955-Avon Publ.).
You find a cartoon selection out of this book on Mike Lynch's blog.

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