Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pol Leurs Cartoons 5

Pol Leurs' (Luxembourg) fifth cartoon album appeared in October 2015.  I received it a few weeks ago. I fully agree with the kind words that cartoon book collector Jean-Marie Bertin wrote in the foreword to the book.

Here are some fragments (freely translated from French):

"Pol Leurs is one of the most talented masters of this peaceful humor - made by observation, reflection, wisdom and fun too - his perfect artistic skill is so good to stage. The quality of his work is recognized in many countries where, in international competitions, his works are frequently honored. Both in substance and in form, his work never looses its effects. This is a balancing man who knows to find the right balance."

"Timeless and universal, his drawings, almost without speech (the aristocracy of the kind!), are valuable messages of mutual understanding and sharing. Its weight is also reflected in the graphical area: no anecdotal superfluous that would hurt the readability of the gag, but only wise supplements, all in the service of the idea."

"I testify, his proverbial modesty , his humor and his line have the same qualities: delicacy, integrity, distinction, elegance and sobriety."

The book costs 23 euro. (Hengen Print & More,  ISBN 978-2-9599727-3-7, 52 p., 27,5 x 22,5 cm,  full color).

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