Saturday, April 30, 2016

Karl Meersman - een getekend wereldbeeld - traits marquant le monde (starring Guy Verhofstadt)

Searching for a cartoon book in my collection, I realised that I didn't show you this book of the great Karl Meersman earlier (114 pages, Roularta books, 2003., ISBN 90-5466-593-9).

It contains extraordinary drawings of mostly belgian politicians, artists and CEO's.

On the cover is former Belgian Prime Minister, now  Member of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt.

In the book are some other oustanding portraits of Guy Verhofstadt in all of which you discover the craftmanship of Karl Meersman:

For those who don't know the art of Karl Meersman click here. You'll find previous articles on our blog with or about art of Karl.
Don't hesitate to look at the website of Karl to see more recent art.

Learn more: - Karl Meersman's  official website

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