Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Supermarket - Euro Kartoenale 2001

Last week I enjoyed myself looking in the 2001 catalogue of the Euro-Kartoenale. 
It reminded me at one of the basic principles of cartoons, cartoons as funny drawings. Most of the cartoons in this catalogue are very witty. After a day of work, looking in such a catalogue is really relaxing... People with symptoms of stress shouldn't practise some kind of "mindfulness", I'd rather advice to watch cartoon books. It really helps.

Reading gag cartoons books is a no-nonsense approach to fighting stress... That's my humble opinion.

Maybe yo can try this nice catalogue of the Euro-Kartoonale 2001 (Kruishoutem). This catalogue is still available in the ECC.

cartoon by Canary Pete

Gruzdaitis Andrius

Klaus Braunlinger

Michel Roman

Yordanoff Raul Jordan

who's signature is this?

Ross Thomson

cartoon by... (who can read the signature?)

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ali şur said...

hello singnature, turkish kartunist hikmet cerrah.

FM Hansen said...

Amazing Blog. Love it. Thank you so much.
I wish I knew who's signature this was because this cartoon is brilliant.

Jan Oplinus said...

Thanks Ali

Jan Oplinus said...

Thanks fm hansen