Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yuri Kosobukin and Pirana (Leon Van De Velde)

Another years means other exhibitions in the ECC.
Yesterday I witnessed the opening of the cartoon exhibition of the renowned Russian cartoonist Yuri Kosobukin (1950-2013) and Belgian cartoonist Pirana.

As you can see on the pictures below, these are two very different kind of cartoon styles.

Kosobukin was one of the most outstanding cartoonist with a unique style you immediately recognize. Not surprisingly , he won hundreds of prize all over the world.

In his speech, Rudy Gheysens witnessed that Kosobukin liked drinking vodka...

Pirana (Leon Van De Velde) is a famous Belgian press cartoonist.
He drew for several newspapers and magazines and published no less than 23 comic strip albums. He was a regular guest at comic festivals at home and abroad.
Typical for the work of Pirana is the minimalist and simple drawing style and his black, sexist and no-nonsense humor.

In the exhibition I saw many good erotic cartoons, but the most funny to me are a series a torture chamber cartoons.

"time again to do the dishes honey..."

Pirana, Rudy and a series of nice painted cartoons on the background...

"say cheese "
Don't forget to watch this clip: 10.000 erotic cartoons by Pirana:

It was a good idea indeed by the ECC board to publish an exhibition catalogue for an honest price (10eur/piece). A minus is the poor printed resolution of some cartoons in the Kosobukin catalogue, and also noticeable in some Pirana cartoons.  I hope this pixelation issue will be resolved as it is a print on demand catalogue and higher resolution pics can't be a problem as the cartoons in the exhibition are all of high resolution quality. I hope next prints of the catalogue will be double checked on print resolution and the pixelation issue.

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