Sunday, September 20, 2015

Qui est le chef? by Quino (Who's the boss?)

Qui est le chef? (Who is the boss) is one of three books by Quino I found a few weeks ago in Lille.
This book was published by Glénat in 1990 (ISBN 2-7234-1255-5).

I've translated the back cover into english:

"Quino observes the effects of power; those who have the power, those who use it, those who abuse it to end up losing the qualities that had made their get that power.
Quino is a formidable observer and shows us, oddly, the chief becoming a slave, men losing their sense of humor to get a bit of power over their contemporaries.
This is the book to offer to your subordinates to make them understand that you still have a sense of humor. This is the book to offer to your chief to make him regain his sense of humor."

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