Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Made in Japan?

I found this little cartoon book recently in a comic strip book stall. I couldn't find out who's the cartoonist and even who's the publisher. Maybe you can help?

This book has has 120 pages of nice gag cartoons with animals playing a head role. At the back there is a referral to a website www.airman-studio.com .

Somentimes we have to enjoy cartoons without knowing who is the cartoonist...

31/8/2015 - UPDATE -  after some research by Jean-Marie, he was able to tell that the book is Chinese, not Japanese. The title of the book is based on an erotic traditional novel, pronounced:  Shou Pou Tuan - Rou Pou Tuan. Pou Tuan is a dry grass cushion to sit on the floor. Shou, meaning "the beast", Rou means flesh . The subtitle is the guide to fly 'the birds'. It's funny!

Baidu (the Chinese "Google" search engin) told that the artist is from Tai Wan, and is born in 1964. His name is name: Chen Hong Yao.

(thanks Toshiko Nishida and Xia Lichian for the help!)

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