Sunday, May 31, 2015

Half-Naked Knight by André François

What can one buy for 1.99 euro, if one's lucky? This book for example. I found it in in a box with second-hand books box between some comic strips. This book, dated 1958, is by the French cartoonist André François (1915-2005).

“Of those cartoonists who use no words André François is the most original artist, and his jokes have a touch of wild poetic melancholy”  “One laughs, certainly- and ‘certainly’ is to be taken literally because we have never known anyone, young or old, who didn’t. But after the funny-ha-ha in these drawings one sees the funny-disconcerting, the funny-ironic, sometimes the funny-horrific.”  François was a good friend of Ronald Searle and is one of the great illustrators of the twenthieth century.

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