Saturday, April 18, 2015

10 Cartoonists from Flanders?

ECC fans know that the European Cartoon Center offers a travelling cartoon exhibition of Belgian cartoonists named "10 Cartoonists from Belgium". I recently received a copy of the Hungarian catalogue from the exhibition entitled "10 Cartoonists from Flanders". It's the same exhibition...Flanders? Belgium?
Well, in our country things are a bit complicated.
To inform you, I recommend this clip Belgium for dummies ... (confusing isn't it?).
Maybe now you will understand why Belgium is the country of surrealism with world famous artists as Magritte, Delvaux, ... and (more than) 10 outstanding gag cartoonists.

 The exhibition started in Turkey (in Eskisehir) and recently landed in Hungary.

In fact, one of the cartoonists in the catalogue is not really "from Flanders", but "from Brussels" (and from Belgium). It's Cost and of course we all love him. He's a nice guy and he feels good amongst all the Flemish cartoonists (and vice versa).

The 10 cartoonists, 10 of the best gag cartoonists in Belgium are:
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Constantin Sunnerberg (Cost)

Tony Houbrechts

Jan Dufour

Luc Vermeersch

Luc Vernimmen

Ludo Goderis

Nikola Hendrickx (IOA)

Norbert Van Yperzeele

Luc Descheemaeker (O-SEKOER)

Stefaan Provijn

Learn more:
catalogue in PFD
Visit Flanders , visit Belgium...

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