Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quino - The cartoonist of the year 1982

In 1982 Quino was chosen cartoonist of the year by the International Pavilion of Humour of Montreal, Canada. A that time I even didn't know who was Quino, but over the years I've discovered so many excellent cartoons by him.

I agree with the authors of this tribute catalogue:

"In my opinion, it is QUINO's uncaptioned one panel gags that will be mainly responsible for his entree into the history of art, where he will be seated next to Daumier, Rolandson... It is only natural that this great artist, this fine humorist, this tender humanist (note the philosophy in his work), this man of action, should be honoured in 1979 by the "Salone Internazionale dell'Umorismo di Bordighera" which awarded him the "Palma d'Oro" in recognition for his artistic output; that France gave him the "Prix de l'humour noir" and most recently some 800 cartoonists participating at the 19th "International Salon of Cartoons" in Montreal bestowed upon him the honour of being CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR '82.
Viva Quino!

Many, many awards followed over the years... (Quino website)

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