Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life is a theater... Pisek Biennale 2009

cover cartoon by Ales Vyjidak, Czech Republic

Between the catalogues on my bookshelf, there is a catalogue with a dramatic theme: Theatre.
Slawomir Luczynski (Poland), member of the jury writes:
"All of us play roles in life, as in theater. We are balancing between reality and fantasy. We are actors of one play called life... Some deal with the roles assigned by fate better than others.".

Enjoy some theatre cartoons out of this catalogue (Mesto Pisek, Czech Republic, 2009, ISBN 80-85616-08-4):

Ali Shah Ali, USA

Bernard Bouton, France

Mihai Danielescu, Romania

Ikhsan Dwiono , Indonesia

Ivailo Tsvetkov , Bulgaria

Shakespeare by Stefan Despodov, Bulgaria

Benjasit Tumying, Thailand

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