Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The first cartoons of George van Raemdonck (1988-1966)

George van Raemdonck may be considered as one of the first Flemish ambassadors of cartoon art. In 1914, the artist fled, as many other Belgians,  with his family to The Netherlands where he was engaged by De Nieuwe Amsterdammer to publish his satirical drawings.

George followed the news of the war on foot. Although he was not in the middle of the action, he showed the different events of the Great War as an excellent observer: from the Big Bertha (howitzer), the Wire of Death (between Belgium and Holland), the Armenian Genocide to the famine and poor life in occupied Belgium... nothing escaped his sharp pen.

100 years after the beginning of WWI, this books wants to commemorate not only the great artist that George van Raemdonck was, but also the circumstances of the millions of refugees 100 years ago and at the present time.

Enjoy some of the cartoons (special thanks to Ronald Vanoystaeyen for the images):

Big Bertha

The Dutch- Belgian border

What shall we eat?

for the potatoes...

X-Mas 1917

The books is published by the city council of Bouchout Belgium ,I.H.A. and the local history society Het Speelhof. It counts 80 pages, containing 75 cartoons is still available at € 15 + shipping cost. Please send an email to Ronald Vanoystaeyen, president of International Humour Art: iha@yucom.be.

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