Sunday, August 24, 2014

A rebrousse-poil (trad. against the grain) by Lionel Labeyrie

One of my latest finds is this cartoon book by the French artist and humorist Lionel Labeyrie (°1949). I think he only published one cartoon album in 1984 "A rebrousse-poil" (Glénat France, ISBN 2-7234-0506-0)
It's full of fun, very well drawn and mostly erotic cartoons. Not surprising if you know that Labeyrie drew cartoons that were published in Lui, Playboy, Pilote and Circus between 1978 and 1983. Labeyrie drew later on also for aviation magazines.

Enjoy some of the cartoons:

WWI aviation cartoon
One discovery I made in this album was a stunning similarity (plagiarism?) with a cartoon by Jozef De Sutter (James) from Belgium. This was published in the Knokke Heist catalogue from 1982 and is also published in the cartoon anthology "Lijnscherp" (Davidsfonds, 2011). This similarity is not coincidental.

Jozef De Sutter

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