Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Luck of The Draw by Fougasse

During the preparation of the WWI cartoon exhitition in the ECC I noticed some drawings of Fougasse. Recently I bought me one of his books entitled "The Luck of The Draw".
First published in 1936, this is a sixt edition from 1945. The book contains drawings of the British cartoonist Fougasse (1887-1965)  that were originally published in Punch magazine. Fougasse is the pseudonym
Cyril Kenneth Bird.

Fougasse sounds more as a French name, but it appears to be kind of a mine. Fougasse served in WWI and got seriously injured in Gallipoli. You can enjoy some of his typical drawings in the HeidICON database (Heidelberg Universitätsbibliothek).

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