Friday, February 28, 2014

Zaza Gravures - De Comeback van de Sanseveria / Zaza Engravings - The Comeback of the Sansevieria

When I first saw this book in the library I was immediately fascinated by it and of course I bought it for my collection. I'll place it between the 'special cartoon books' on the book shelf.  We all know cartoons as sketches or drawings, even as paintings, but Zaza (Klaas Storme, Belgian cartoonist) gave a new dimension to cartoon humor by using old and unique engravings, most 19th century, and adding (modern) captions to them.

The result of this combination is very funny, even hilarious.
Zaza Gravures - De Comeback van de Sanseveria (De Bezige Bij Antwerpen, 2013, ISBN 978-90-8542-522-9, 252p, 24,99 euro) has been sold over 2500 times.

The captions that accompany the Zaza engravings are in Dutch , but I've tried to translate some in English. Hope you like the humor.

"Naughty world."
"Gustaaaaave... telephone for you"
"Fucking sat nav!"
"The port of Antwerp, hub for cocaine."
"The game was interrupted for a moment by a streaker on stilts."
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