Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some Heath Robinson war cartoons - Armistice day 2013

During the first world war Heath Robinson (1872-1944) became famous as a cartoonist and his cartoons boosted morale for the British troops. Two books were published, the first in 1915 and a second in 1916. This year I added Hunlikely to my collection. Both books are available in different antiquarian book shops on the internet. Prices varie from 70 eur up to 500 eur and more.

The first book is Some Frightful War Pictures (Duckworth & Co., (London), 1915)
On The Golden Age blog, there is a scan of the complete book.

The second book is Hunlikely (Duckworth & Co., (London), 1916. I took some pictures of the cartoons in the book. The book is to fragile to scan.

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