Sunday, March 24, 2013

Euro-Kartoenale Kruishoutem 2013 - De Fiets - The Biciycle - Le Vélo

The opening ceremony of the Euro-Kartoonale is always the place to be for any cartoon lover. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet some fine cartoonists and most of the winners of the contest.

You can buy the catalogue for 15 eur in the ECC.

Some impressions...

Learn more about the contest and winners here.

the catalogue
winner Mohsen Asadi from Iran
Mohsen Asadi - Iran
Pavel Constin - Romania - Second prize
Pavel Constantin 
Marco d'Agostino - Italy - Prize ECC
Marco d'Agostino

Nikola Hendrickx - best Belgian cartoon

Nikola Hendrickx

Luc Descheemaeker "O-Sekoer" - Belgium

Luc Descheemaeker

Patrick Heymans - Belgium
Partrick Heymans - I thought Patrick used Photoshop to make his
cartoons, but he uses a pure handmade airbrush technique! Nice work.
Norbert van Yperzeele
Norbert van Yperzeele
Cost - Constantin Sunnerberg - Prize EU

The band "Zonder Bandjes"  with  a special guest: the daughter of
cartoonist Ludo Godderis on vocals

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