Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cartoonale Brugge 2013 - Crime and Punishment

This year's theme of the Bruges cartoonale was 'Crime and punishment'.
I received a copy of the catalague. Enjoy some cartoons by top cartoonists.
An online version of the catalogue is available.

Luka Lagator, Montenegro

Norbert Van Yperzeele, Belgium

Nikola Hendrickx, Belgium

Pol Leurs, Luxemburg

Cost, Constantin Sunnerberg, Belgium (Pussy Riot )

Zygmunt Zaradkiewics, Poland

Ross Thomson, UK
Pawel Kuczynski, Poland

Allessandro Gatto, Italy

Otto Lothar, Germany

Tomasz Wilczkiewics, Poland
The cartoon above makes me think at some characteristics of the Belgian legal system...

Learn more:
Cartoonale Brugge website
Online catalogue

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