Sunday, January 6, 2013

Discipline is everything by Kurt Halbritter (1924-1978)

I remember I found this little book a few years ago by accident in a secondhand bookshop for 2,5 euro. The nice thing about it  is that there's an original drawing in it by Kurt Halbritter himself, signed 1.X.'60. (1960).

The book was published in 1954 (Verlag Bärmeier&Nikel, Frankfurt Am Main). It's a collection of drawings  and cartoons about recruiting for military service. The soldiers are universal soldiers, not belonging to any nation.

left: officers, right: privates

"Who gave you an order to stop here?"

Kurt Halbritter is mentioned in Who's Who in Satire and Humour - Band2. You can find out more about him in Wikipedia.

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Kurt Halbritter in Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

I picked up a copy of 'Halbritter's Armoury' and what a gem it is. Id love to get my hands on more of his works but never seen any.

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