Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ross Thomson

"No books, no glory?"... Is it true that cartoonists who publish one, two or dozens of cartoons books are great cartoonists? Or, are cartoonists who don't have a publication less good cartoonists? My answer is no!

Ross Thomson - april 2012 - ECC
When I asked Ross Thomson if he had ever published a catalogue with his cartoons, the answer was negative. I was a bit disappointed. Watching the cartoons of Ross is pure fun, and that's not only my opinion. Those cartoons deserve a cartoon book... But finding a publisher for a cartoon book, isn't easy, so told me Ross. 

Ross has no own books, but on the other hand, the cartoons of Ross are published in dozens of catalogues all over the world. Ross also won many cartoon prizes. That's of course a compliment for an excellent cartoonist.

There are Ross cartoons in all those catalogues... and
in many many  more 

I did a bit of research, and I searched for Ross cartoons in the catalogues of the Knokke Heist cartoon festival, one of the world's most prestigious cartoon contests. I found cartoons of Ross in 15 of 21 catalogues, since 1990, the first year I found a Ross cartoon. In the last 10 years, only the 2009 catalogue has no Ross cartoon.

Here are some Ross cartoons I found in Knokke-Heist catalogues. Notice the evolution in the work.





 I hope some day all those magnificent cartoons will appear together in one Ross catalogue... who knows.

click and enjoy the detail of this Ross cartoon

ECC - April 2012

ECC - April 2012

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