Saturday, November 12, 2011

Armistice Day 2011 - De Oorlog in Prent by Jan Feith (The War in cartoons)

Is there a better day and a better place to buy an old book with political cartoons of the years preceding and the first year of World War 1? On 11 November 2011 about 11 o'clock and in Passchendaele I bought "De oorlog in Prent" by Jan Feith.

The book was published in Amsterdam in May 1915 (Scheltens & Giltay). As Holland was a neutral country during WWI, the author's point of view is "neutral" too. The subtitle of the book sounds "caricatures from the different countries". There are nine chapters in the book (190 pages): 1. The allegory of war 2. the history of the war 3. what one reproaches the other 4. ruined cities 5. their armed forces 6. war press in the caricature 7. sport as a motive of war 8. leaders of war 9. about neutrality and neutrals.

The book shows a selection of cartoons and caricatures published in newpapers and magazines in the different countries in Europe and the United States (Punch, Simplicissimus, Jugend, The Bystander, Kladderadatsch, Le Matin, Evening Sun, Avanti, Nebelspalter, etc. ) .
The coloured cover is a colour copy of another version of the book. The cover below, the original cover of this book is in black and white. I think this is the original edition of the book, but I am not sure. The edition with the yellow coloured cover can be a later one. If someone can help me find out, let me know.

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