Sunday, October 9, 2011

Florian Doru Chrihana : Satirische Idyllen

Last Friday I had the honour to meet the very kind Florian at the opening of his exhibition in the ECC. He brought along some copies of the book "Satirische Idyllen". This monography  (ISBN 978-3-86678-317-1,Kerber Art,2009) contains his work shown in the exhibition in the "Musée de la caricature" in Vianden, Luxemburg in 2009. Dieter and Gisela Burkamp, good friends of Florian, wrote an introduction. I read:  "Florian plays with our mind for images and like a magician he conjures pictures that are not lost for grotesque ideas and adventurous supplies of interpretation " and "This is an artist who did not only understand how to design the 'inner life' of ships as an engineer of shipbuilding but who also looks into the 'inner lives' of his fellow men knowingly, and he knows how to convey his ideas."
Great art, great cartoon book.


Florian, signing the book,
Kruishoutem, 7 Oct 2011

Here are some pics of the exhibition in the ECC:

Ro Burms presenting the artist


Venice (the person resembles the famous Belgian
standup comedian Bert Kruismans!)

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