Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Greenpeace cartoon book

Rearranging my cartoon book cabinet, I found this Greepeace cartoon book. (Casterman, 1984, ISBN90 303 2801 0, Dutch edition). This book represents all expressions of support Greenpeace has received from a wide audience for the good cause. "Help, de zee verzuipt!" means "Help, the sea is drowning!". The message is clear: Let's save the wales, the seals and all the creatures threatened by the human race.

Many cartoonists contributed to the book: from, alphabetically, Alexis, Armand, Avoine, Barbe, Batellier, Cat,... to Topor, Veyron, Voss, Warry and Zover.




Faye and Marol


J.C. Denis
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