Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cartoon Treasury – Knaurs Lachende Welt

The original American edition ‘Cartoon Treasury’ of this book dates from 1955 and I think the German edition I own dates from that year too.
320 pages with 800  ‘modern’ cartoons. The biggest international collection  of drawn jokes by artist from Japan, America, Brasil, Germany, France and 25 other countries.
This books let us have a glance at the most popular and funny cartoon humour of more than half a century ago.

Do you recognise the cartoons of Chaval, Bosc, Sempé, Hoffnung,  Emett, Giles, Searle, Tetsu, Fischer ?

cover an back cover
knaurs-coverknaurs-06knaurs-05knaurs-04knaurs-03knaur-02cartoon treasury
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With a bit of luck you can find an buy a copy of this book on the internet.

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