Friday, May 27, 2011

1. International Tourism Cartoon Competition

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Holidays and vacation. Summertime is coming. Time to present a cartoon catalogue about ‘Tourism’. It’s the catalogue of the 1. International Tourism Cartoon Competition (Anatolia, Turkey, 2010, ISBN 978-975-06-0709-7).
Prof. Atila Özer, who passed away in April this year, was in the Organizing committee and jury. He was Director of Anadolu Universtity Reseaerch Center for Cartoon Art. Hereunder is a nice cartoon from him:
Atila Ozer
Atila Özer, Turkey
The first prize in this competition, The Grand Award, has been cancelled. You’ll notice a blank page. It seems that the cartoon who won the grand award had been drawn before! Sometimes there can be a coincidence in cartoon ideas, but in this case, this was a case of plagiarism. On the website of Syriacartoon, there is a page showing lots of cartoon similarities.  You can find the E-magazine here.
cancelled award
Ernest Metz Belgium
Ernest Metz, Belgium
Shahrokh Heidari, Iran
Ahmet Aykanad, Turkey
Ross Thomson, United Kingdom
Thanks Norbert for giving me this nice catalogue!
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