Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coco - Der Satyr (sexdemon cartoons...)

Almost Valentine's Day... time again for an erotic cartoon book, this time by Giuseppe Coco (born in Italy, 1936).

 "Der Satyr - Wie wärs mit einem kleinen Sexdämon?" (German edition by Stalling, 1981, ISBN 3-7979-1698-1)
translated: "The satyr - how about a little sexdemon?"

"Kürze Hörner, ein Ringelschwanz und Spitzohren sind die Kennzeichnen der Satyrn, jener neckischen kleinen Sexdämonen, die schon mit den Griechinnen ihre erotischen Spiele trieben. Wer sind sie wirklich und wie kommt man an solch ein liebestolles Wesen heran? Coco gibt mit spitzer Feder Auskunft."

satyr by Coco
Short horns, a curled tail and pointed ears are the characteristics of the satyr (*) , that small sexdemons that already played their erotic games with the ancient Greek woman. Who are they really and how does one approach such a great love creature? Coco gives us al the information this mythical creature with his sharp pen.

(*) the Cultural Dictionary defines satyr as a creature in classical mythology who was part man and part goat. Satyrs were famous for being constantly drunk and for chasing nymphs. They were companions of Dionysus.

ten commandments

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