Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Professor Pi Cartoons

I just expanded my  'yellow' (1971)  Professor Pi cartoons, with the red and the blue volume (1978). I think there exists a green volume too. Time to present this little professor, created by the Dutch cartoonist Bob van den Born (born 1927, The Netherlands).

Jean-Marie sent me a picture of the green volume:

"On the 2nd of January 1955, the readers of the leading dutch daily 'Het Parool', made their acquaintance with the adventures of the highly learned Pi, a creation of Bob van den Born.
The little professor, who has his hands full dealing with his own absintmindedness, developes over the years into an ardent observer of an incraesingly absurd world.
In a society, aimed at the unbridled consumption, he masters the unintended use of machines and technoloy. No doors remain closed to the likeable inventor.
This book offers a unique chance to become acquanted with 'life in the highes circles'."

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