Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cartoon newsletters (for free)

One of the ways to stay informed about what lives in the cartoon world is to subscribe to some free cartoon related newsletters.

I have subscribed to the newsletters listed below. If you know of some other interesting qualitative cartoon newsletters, let me know.

ECC newsletter 

Editor: European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium

Language(s): Dutch  (for English mailto:

Frequency: monthly (in Dutch), quarterly (in English)

Comment: various news, exhibtions, etc.

Subscribe link:

The Bloghorn 

Editor: Professional Cartoonist's Organisation (UK)

Language(s): English

Frequency: almost daily

Comment: discover talented cartoonists

Toonpool daily cartoon 

Editor: Toonpool (Germany)

Language(s): English

Frequency: daily

Glénat BD (comic strip, sometimes new cartoon books)

Editor: Glénat editor (France)

Language(s): French

Frequency: almost monthly

Comment: different newsletters available


Editor: Australian Cartoonist's Association

Language(s): English

Frequency: irregular

Comment: Australian cartoon news


Paul said...

Thanks for recommending our "Daily Cartoon"! If you are interested in artists represented on you might also want to check out our weblog (
Our blog features weekly interviews and articles on cartoon-related topics. (mostly in English)

Saskia en Fernand said...

Dag Jan,

Engelse versie van ECC-nieuwsbrief is éénmaal per kwartaal, Nederlandstalige elke maand