Monday, May 24, 2010

Jacques Carelman "Catalog of Fantastic Things" "Catalogue d'objets introuvables'"

Is it a drawing? Is it a cartoon? Call it whatever you like, but the cartoons as I call them in this Catalog of Fantastic Things by Jacques Carelman are really "fantastic". I own a Duth print (4th edition, 1976), but originally the first catalog was edited in 1969.

"Jacques Carelman was born a week after the great Wall Street crash. He came to Paris in 1956 to devote himself to painting and sculpture, to stage and costume design for the theater, and to book illustrations. He is above all known for his "Catalogue d'objets introuvables" (1969), objects he has subsequently made and exhibited world-wide. Founder-member of the Oupeinpo, he is Regent of the College of 'Pataphysics, where he holds the chair in Helicology..."

Learn more:
Jacques Carelman Website (only Spanish version seems to work)
"instruments introuvables" (musical instruments by Carelman)
Google Images for Carelman


William Arveschoug said...

great post. i have an english version of this fantastic book, published in 1971. i picked it up in a bookshop for £3 a few years ago.

Jan said...

Good buy William. Great quality for a low price, it's possible with (second hand) cartoon books!

Francisco said...

Amazing. I heard that will sell reproducions of the entire work of Jacques Carelman!!!! I hope too!

Jan said...

We'll see...