Monday, October 12, 2009

Jazz - by Blachon, Bridenne and Samson

Earlier this year, I visited our local theatre to watch the really fantastic show SAX MACHINE of Les Désaxés.

"With their brass pipes and their « Sax machine », Les DéSaxés reinterpret pieces of music from every where in the world, picked up from every area. Their performance is filled with humour. Their music speaks to one’s ears as well as one’s heart.The quartet compile theme musics and amalgamate different styles from Jazz to flamenco, from pop music to samba, from reggae music to rhythm and blues to rap and funk music. From time to times, their music takes on traditional accent which takes us as far as to Ireland, China, Russia, Africa, Mexico... They even pass on Gregorian chant to Gospel. Their mastery allows themselves a lot of daring In a miscellany of boisterous, whacky and comical scenes." ( the official Les Désaxés website)

What has this to do with cartoons?

Well, when I take a look at the JAZZ cartoon book (La Boutique Editions,2005) with cartoons drawn by Roger Blachon, Michel Bridenne and Samson, I get that same good feeling as while watching les désaxés. Here it are not musicians, but 3 cartoonists that let their cartoons swing and their cartoons speak to one's eye (not ear here) and to one's heart...
Here are some saxophone cartoons out of this excellent Jazz cartoon book:

In the same series of anthologies as "Jazz", there is also one whose title is "La Fanfare" and another titled "Musique Classique" (Classical Music). The last cartoon book published was "Le rugby et sa musique".

It's the kind a book you'd love to give as a humourous present to any (young) musician ...

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