Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michel Bridenne... Love Cartoons in Fièvre de Printemps and Saison des Amours (Spring Fever and Love Season)

A series of cartoons, drawn by Michel Bridenne, the famous French cartoonist and member of HA! (Humouristes Associés) are shown in the ECC in the current exhibition. In the early eighties Michel published 2 books: Fièvre de Printemps (1985) and Saison des Amours (1983) with cartoons where animals 'do their thing'. It's just funny, funny and funny. And the good news is you can still some editions of this books.

Michel came to the ECC for the opening of his exhibition and he was so kind to draw a little dedication for me ...

Here are some pics of cartoons in the books:

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