Monday, April 13, 2009

U.C.O. - Unusual Cartoon Objects

article by JMB
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Paraphrasing The Beatles, on can say: ‘Paper, cartoon, these are words that go together well’. Yes indeed, in spite of all the computers’ screens, cartoons are still printed on paper: newspapers, magazines… and books, of course! This blog is really a place to mention books.

But there are also calendars as well as some other cartoon mediums that use paper too, like:

this bookmark, advertising for a book of rebuses, drawn by the French cartoonist Honoré;

this disposable individual tablecloth, designed by the French cartoonist Cambon;

such disposable napkins, illustrated by the Turkish cartoonist Tan Oral;

this matchbox; designed by the Irish cartoonist Martyn Turner, for a wedding party;

these playing cards, illustrated by the French cartoonist Dubout;

and these cards for a soothsaying tarot, drawn by the Italian cartoonist Pino Zac.

Obviously, one must mention postcards too; some series are even bound together like a book.
Directly connected to cartoons, let us name the invitations to exhibitions or festivals, and their posters. Now, let us go from these largest collectible items to the smallest ones: post stamps.

A set of post stamps designed by the famous American caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.

Let us change for something really thicker: cardboard, and think of jigsaw puzzles; like the ones of: Mordillo, Jan van Haasteren, Roger Blachon, Oscar Barrientos, Maurice Sendac, Marino Degano, Graham Thomson… and many others.

The orchestra by the French cartoonist Loup
(2000 pieces puzzle; Heye publishing)

Smaller but thick too, such are the innumerable beer mats printed for brewing. Writing on an international website but located in Belgium, it would be a really big shame to forget them! Such items are illustrated by various cartoonists.

An old beer mat illustrated by the French cartoonist Chaval.

Well. Whatever the beers’ qualities are, the French I am cannot avoid speaking of… wine, and I am pleased to mention the labels for its bottles, sometimes drawn by cartoonists.

A wine label created by the French cartoonist Ghertman

Next time, may I show you some non-paper mediums? These are much odder. You remember the acronym: U.F.O.; the following items could be named: U.C.O. - Unusual Cartoon Objects.

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