Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Book - Olymic Sports Cartoons

The Cartoon Aid Olympic Book (1988)

Beijing 2008! Olympics! Time to get familiar with some sports cartoon books.
The thick Cartoon Aid Olympic Book (1988, Cartoon Aid Ltd) is a collection of approximately 500 sports gag cartoons. Not all the cartoons are top quality, but most of it are quite funny. It's a collection of cartoons made by cartoonists form all over the world. No names of the cartoonists are mentioned, only a country flag above the cartoon. I know there are some other editions, one with yellow and one with black cover, but I have no information about this books.

cartoon by Adoni (Cartoon Aid, 1988)
Makes my think of Michael Phelps

cartoon by Roger Blachon (Blachon Sport, 1988)

Who likes sports cartoons, I recommend the book 'Le Sport' by the French cartoonist Claude Serre and of course, the very very funny sports cartoon books of Roger Blachon (who deceased in April), my favourite sports cartoonist!

Le Sport: a 1979 edition above and 1989 edition below
Roger Blachon: always top class sports cartoons:

Detailed info about this books:

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