Sunday, February 10, 2019

RIP Tomi Ungerer (28 November 1931 – 9 February 2019)

Yesterday I received the sad news that Tomi Ungerer passed away.

The artist has published over 140 books: books for children, autobiographical books, philosophical writings, satirical and erotic drawings.

On his website, one speaks of  art, such as his "drawings" and "objects". I'd name many of them"cartoons" and "3D cartoons".

Ungerer has his museum in Strasbourg: The Tomi Ungerer Museum for illustration.
Take a look and browse the collection online, of which 863 satirical drawings.
Note that the collection of his erotic drawins is very XXX.

One book of him I own, is Once in a Lifetime (Jonathan Cape Ltd, London, 1984).
"With grim gallows humor he 'sends up' nuclear warfare and the men and woman who would wage it: East meats West under this brilliant draughtman's hand in macabre images the mind will not readily dismiss".
35 years later this cartoon book about the horrors of nuclear confrontation is still very current.

I invite you te visit his official website: to meat the artist and his art.

Learn more:
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