Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trains, tourists and a strike. Do you know Albert Dubout?

The Belgian unions appeal for a general strike on Monday 30 January 2012 in Belgium. Public transportation services will strike. I don't know why, but when there is a strike, train traffic is almost always infected and people who want to go to work and  who need taking the train to attend their job are always the victim of those strikes. But this is a political discussion, our blog doesn't strike!  Strikes, trains... it makes me think at the "TRAINS de palavas et d'ailleurs" album by Dubout (ISBN978-2-918852-06-3, Albert Dubout Communication, France, 2011). Translated Title: "Trains from Palavas and elsewhere".

It is an album in a series of 10 presenting the work of the great French cartoonist Albert Dubout (1905-1976). Dubout used to laugh with the tourists who visited the little seaside station. The album contains drawings  published between 1927 and 1969. The cartoons below have captions, but I left them out to concentrate just on the drawing.

Jean-Marie was so kind to send some other Dubout cartoons and book covers to me. Enjoy them:

the artist Albert Dubout  (1952)

More information about  all the albums and Dubout's art is on the Dubout website.
Here are the other albums in the series:

Learn more:

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