Friday, November 30, 2007

About stamps and cartoonbooks

Using a stamp collecting book, a“Philately” book as inspiration source for cartoonbook collecting, I took a look at the table of content and “cartoonized” it by swapping "stamps" with "cartoon".
Most chapters are really appropriate.

- "the philosophy of collecting"
- "history of cartoonbooks"
- "the practice of collecting cartoonbooks"
- "where to find cartoonbooks"
- "sorts of cartoonbooks"
- "cartoonbook reviews"
- "thematic collecting"
- "value and price"
- "cartoon(book) organisations"

Now we can start with the blog, having a lot of topics to discuss...

Stamps Talking

As promised to the readers of Scherper, the cartoon magazine of ecc-Kruishoutem, hereby some more information about the little booklet where I wrote about: MAD's Talking Stamps.
Actually it is not a real cartoonbook, but nevertheless it’s funny and original. In the book stamps talk to each other or they give remarks or quote. Some are quite funny.
Some examples: a stamp of a viking ship says to a stamp of The Mayflower sailing to America “Don’t waste your time! The place is a big nothing!”. Or a stamp, showing the first man on the moon, saying “Tell mission control it’s Roquefort!”.

[Cartoonbook File]

The Cartoonbook Files

To inform our readers the best way about cartoonbooks I introduced the “cartoonbook file”.
Additional to a blog post, we can link to an appropriate file called “cartoonbook file” where you get information about the book’s features. Those features are: title, author, cartoonist(s), a picture of the book, ISBN, publication year, publisher, language, number of pages, cartoons, cartoons per page, themes, kind of book, kind of cartoons and so on. In fact it’s a screenprint of a template in my Access 2007 cartoonbook collection database.
In this way information is available in a consistent way.
Any suggestions about the file are welcome.
We are intended to publish a cartoonbook file for every book we are to review in the blog. For that reason we need of course those data. If you want to review a book, you’ll have to send us the book information. To make ik easy, we made a book review form. Just fill in all data and we’ll do the rest to publish the file. The review will be in the blog, the file on a linked location.

[Click to go to cartoonbook file directory and see some examples]

Blog Charter

The purpose of this blog is to share information about cartoonbooks and cartoonbooks collecting for cartoonbooks collectors and cartoon lovers. We work together with the European Cartoon
Center Kruishoutem, Belgium. ECC Cartoonbooks Club wants to explore the world of cartoonbooks, share the pleasure of cartoonbook collecting and unite all cartoonbooks collectors Everyone is welcome to participate: collectors, beginning collectors, cartoon lovers, cartoonists, sympathizers...
Topics may be: cartoonbook reviews, new books, tips for collectors , collections, interviews, links to information about the books and its authors. The blog’s language is English. Comments may be in English, Dutch, French or German even though we prefer English comments because most people are able to understand English (we hope so). The blog is run by volunteers, without having any commercial goal. Of course, publishers may send us new books to comment. We will review the book and link to the site of the publisher or cartoonist. Books to review may be sent to:

ECC Cartoonbooks Club
pa. Jan Oplinus - Oude Tramweg 27 - B8560 Wevelgem - Belgium

Posting Guidelines for Club Members

Posts and comments on cartoonbooks and cartoonbook collecting are particularly welcome. As “cartoons” may be a broad topic, don't be afraid to bring up something fresh, so long as that topic is reasonably clear in your posted article or comment. For reasons of copyright, we can’t publish cartoons, unless we have a written permission from the editor or cartoonist to publish the drawing. Showing a picture of a book cover is ok.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Please direct to Jan Oplinus, at

Thank you, and welcome to the ECC Cartoonbooks Club Blog!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

We officially start december 1, 2007 !!!

Cartoon lover, cartoonbooks collectioner:
Please bookmark our blog. Our blog's official starting date is the first week of december 2007!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


... the ECC Cartoonbooks Club.

"Just like practicing sports becomes more fun as one gets better trained and making music or painting gives more satisfaction as one masters the technique better, thus unfolds the hobby cartoonbook collecting its charms in the broadest way to the collector who knows more about context, who developes one's skills for gathering what one desires, and has more eye for hidden consistency in the many apparition forms of cartoons, caricature, cartoonbooks, etc. Thus one develops from saver to collector."

If you are a cartoonbooks collector, you're on the right spot! Whether your collection counts 5 or 500 books, whether your age is 9 or 99, you are welcome.

ECC Cartoonbooks Club wants to explore the world of cartoonbooks, share the pleasure of cartoonbook collecting and unite cartoonbooks collectors to share their hobby.